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Chiropractic is a natural healing method. It was rediscovered in approximately 1895 and is now well-known and appreciated all over the world.

The founder, Daniel David Palmer (1844-1913, of Canadian-American origin) based his theory on the teaching of Hippocrates, the founding father of healing sciences. D.D. Palmer founded the first School of Chiropractic in 1897, located in Davenport, Iowa, USA.

Hippocrates (460-377 A.C.) was the first to describe the importance of a well- functioning spine and the effects this can have throughout the body.

“It is necessary to know the spine thoroughly because many ailments are caused by its dysfunctionality.”

As affirmed by D.D. Palmer, if functional disorders occur in the vertebral column, it is likely that there will also be disturbances in the transmission of nerve impulses through the spinal cord and the branching nerves to other parts of the body and organs. By restoring the functionality of the spine, the nerve impulses can do their job unhindered, making it possible for organs and tissues to function properly.

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