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In the last 125 years the science of chiropractic has developed rapidly in quantity and quality. Many colleges have been founded in USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and England and several other countries around the world. New techniques and instruments are continually being developed. By now chiropractic is the most worldwide healing method after general medicine and dentistry.

In Europe the government recognizes chiropractors as first line health care providers in Belgium, Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Switzerland.

In the Netherlands chiropractors are in compliance with the law on medical treatment (WGBO) and the law on quality, complaints and disputes in healthcare (WKKGZ).
There is a strict obligatory professional code monitored by the Foundation National Register for Chiropractic (SNRC). This foundation safeguards and further develops quality standards for chiropractic care and advocates the interests of chiropractic professionals.

Nuffic (2014) evaluates the international academic standards of chiropractic education. They recognize chiropractic as a “medical science with manual therapy”.

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