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Chiropractic is essentially a manual technique.

The word ‘chiropractic’ comes from the Greek words 'cheiros' meaning ‘by hand’ and 'praktikos' meaning ‘practical’, generally meaning ‘done by hand’.

Chiropractic care focuses on the reduction or removal of the vertebral subluxation. The misalignment of the spinal vertebrae from their normal position can cause interference with the nervous system and result in a variety of symptoms.

Anamnesis, assessment, recommendations by a chiropractor are based on robust study and knowledge, combined with experienced hands-on care of health issues related to the spine.

The chiropractor will ask about your health history (anamnesis), lifestyle and specific problems, and will follow this with a physical examination. After his assessment, the chiropractor will give you his advice. If your problem is within the scope of chiropractic, he will propose a treatment plan. If you agree, an adjustment could be given during your first appointment. Notes will be recorded in your patient record.

Based on the information you provide and his findings, the chiropractor may refer you to your General Practitioner or to DC-clinics (near ACC) for further diagnostic tests, such as x-rays or MRI.

Usually there are three stages in chiropractic care:

    alleviate or eliminate the initial symptom(s)
    stabilization, correction or restoration, the monitoring of the spine in the process of recovery, the regaining of strength and flexibility
    prevention with regular check-ups of the spine and, if necessary, spinal adjustments to prevent the return of complaints and to enhance the highest possible level of recovery

It is hard to predict how soon you will notice results from chiropractic care. It could be immediate or it could take some time. It all depends on your type of complaint, how serious it is, how long it has existed and your general physical condition, posture and lifestyle.

Chiropractors use different manual methods and specific tools to adjust the spine and vertebrae. At ACC both chiropractors specialize in the Gonstead technique. This method uses tools and techniques for specific and precise localization and for the adjustment of the vertebral ‘subluxation’, commonly called ‘misalignment’. More information available at Gonstead: http://gonstead.com/gonstead-system/what-makes-us-so-special/

Good to know:
In the Netherlands the informal name for a chiropractor is ‘kraker’.
During treatment it may occur that you hear a crack. This is, as a lot of people mistakenly think, not a crack coming from your bony parts. The cracking sound is caused by nitrogen gas escaping from the flexible disc between the vertebrae and a vacuum effect that occurs when the distance between the vertebrae gets bigger. You can compare it to the sound when you open a vacuum closed jar.

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